Adult Weight Loss & Wellness

More than one-third of adult Americans have obesity. Obesity increases an individual's risk for developing serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, osteoarthritis, and mental illness.

Adult Weight Loss & Wellness Group and Shared Medical Appointment (AWW) is a structured program at the Family Medicine Center designed to help individuals with obesity who are trying to loose weight. 

Shared medical appointments (SMAs) are a new type of visit that combines a traditional one-on-one physician visit with a group educational session lead by your healthcare team at the Family Medicine Center. SMAs last about 90 minutes and are run by a team that includes a physician, nurse educator, pharmacist, behavioral specialist and a nurse. 

The AWW is a year-long group program designed to help individuals make lifestyle changes. The first half of the year, the group sessions are weekly on Monday. The second half of the year, the group sessions are once or twice monthly on Monday. 

During the once monthly SMA portion of the AWW program individuals will be evaluated for possible medications to assist with their weight loss efforts. An individual plan of care will be developed by the weight-loss team according to your needs and other conditions. 

The AWW will teach participants the following topics:

  • Eating healthy while still enjoying your favorite foods
  • Creative ways to add physical activity to your schedule
  • Managing Stress
  • Getting back on track if you slip-up

The participants of the AWW will provide a support group for individuals as the learn to make lifestyle changes. Together the participants share in each others challenges and celebrate their victories. 

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