How can I obtain my medical records?

In order to obtain your medical records from another physician:

  1. You can try contacting your previous physician directly and ask them if they can forward your medical records to us.

  2. Some offices have different policies, so, we will just have to obtain these records according to their office policy.

  3. Under normal circumstances, we will mail or fax the request form within a couple of days. How quickly we receive the records from the other physician is entirely up to their office. Also, some physician offices charge patients for their medical records and unfortunately we have no control over that as well.

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What classes do you offer?

We offer group classes for weight management for adults and children, diabetes prevention classes using curriculum from the CDC national program, as well as group classes for person with diabetes. The diabetes classes include shared medical appointments with comprehensive diabetes management utilizing an inter-disciplinary team of caregivers. Burmese persons with diabetes are served by a group tailored to their self-management needs that include in-person interpreters, social workers, pharmacist, physicians and certified diabetes educator, just as in the shared medical appointments.

To enroll in our classes, contact us.

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How can I get a copy of my child’s immunization records?

In order to obtain your child’s immunization records for another physician:

  1. Sign a release form in our office along with the physician’s name and address or phone number and we can make sure to forward that request to that physician

  2. You can give our office the physician’s name and phone number and we can contact them

  3. Contact that physician directly and they should not have a problem having them sent to us.

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If I move, how can I send my medical records to my new physician?

In order to have your records transferred, where you are moving or switching to a new physician:

  1. You can send us a note requesting the transfer. In the note please include your full name, date of birth, social security number (this if so we have identifiers in order to verify your identity) and the new physician’s name and complete mailing address and fax number (if available). Please make sure you sign and date this note.

  2. You can sign a release form at our office.

  3. You can sign a release form at your new physician’s office and they can mail that request to us or fax that request to 260-423-6621.

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